Useful Maintenance Tips for your Photocopier and Printer

copier maintenance

Fuji Xerox Sunshine Coast suggest before you have a holiday break there are a couple of simple maintenance steps you can take for your photocopier and printer. To make sure your return to the campus or classroom is hassle free when it comes to your printing needs at the start of term. We provide solutions in the graphic communications, in-plant and production print environments with high-volume photocopying and printing requirements

Remove all the paper from each of the printer trays in your device.

Poor quality paper is the major cause of paper jams. By leaving paper in your trays over the break it is subject to the influence of either increased or decreased moisture content. Moisture content directly affects reliability of the copy and print quality. Too much moisture can cause excessive curl, jams, and print quality problems. Moisture levels that are too low may cause static problems, which can also lead to jams and misfeeds as well as causing difficulties in post processing paper handling. Fuji Xerox can help you with our qualified service technicians to carry out maintenance on all our printers and photocopiers.

Fuji Xerox on the Sunshine Coast can advise you on all printers and photocopiers. Contact us via our enquiry form or call us on +61 7 5451 7333 for more information.

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