As most of our customers operate their businesses on connected systems there becomes an increasing need for updates, security fixes and regular maintenance to deliver operational platforms through managed services (often by SaaS).

Sometimes changes enforced by one vendor can impact the service platform provided by another vendor and this affects the business if it limits the functionality or connectivity to or from the platform or equipment under maintenance, or more specifically for our managed services, the ability to print, to scan (to email, SMB or FTP), or to process documents.

Our standard maintenance agreement can be extended through this program to cover otherwise chargeable support calls required to correct connectivity problems that may arise as a result of security, network or platform changes either from updates or security policy changes that have had adverse performance or connectivity effects on the MFD.

The program is not designed to replace local IT support and does not cover diagnosing and repairing customer connections to the Internet from the local network unless it relates specifically to changes we have made or that we have recommended to be made.

All customers enrolled in the TSEP are subject to Terms and Conditions and an Acceptable Use Policy[i].

Specific Inclusions

  • Print issues related to network connectivity, IP addressing, printer drivers or print management software supplied by FXBC Sunshine Coast (eg. PaperCut, Equitrac)
  • Faxing issues related to PSTN network connectivity (for analogue fax), IP addressing (for server/SIP fax), and fax routing on receipt (eg. fax-to-email) observing the limitations of the model of MFD in use.
  • Scan issues related to network connectivity, IP addressing, scan locations, user permissions for SMB, and outbound SMTP[ii]
  • Outbound (only) SMTP service for sending email via scan-to-email (cloud service)[iii]
  • An SMTP sending account for each MFD under maintenance

Specific Exclusions

  • Installing printer drivers on more than 5 Desktop PCs
  • Network or Internet connectivity issues where the connecting hardware (router/switch)
    • Is ostensibly consumer grade and designed for home use, or
    • Uses 3G/4G mobile data link and Wi-Fi for LAN traffic (i.e. a portable “hot spot”), or
    • Does not have a provision for
      • enabling/disabling inbound/outbound rules/filters on network traffic, or
      • allocating fixed IP addresses to internal DHCP requests (reservations)
  • SMTP authentication to services that mandate SSL/TLS
  • Print quality or “speed” issues
  • Fax quality or “speed” issues


The cost of the service to the customer is based on the number of their devices enrolled in the program, and whether or not remote service tools can be used to diagnose issues. Customers enrolled via remote support are entitled to on-site support if the issue cannot be resolved remotely.

Customer sites that cannot connect to remote support tools may incur travel fees where normal travel time would exceed 1 hour.

The matrix below should be used to determine the price per month payable by the customer, with the chart and graph illustrating the total program cost as the number of enrolled devices increases.

Devices Enrolled Remote Support No Remote Support
1 $15.00 $18.50
2-3 $13.00 per MFD $16.00 per MFD
4-9 $20.00 + $7.00 per MFD $30.00 + $7.50 per MFD
10+ $40.00 + $5.00 per MFD $50.00 + $5.50 per MFD

Enrollment Form

[i] Acceptable use is considered to be not more than three times the average call out rate for all customers
[ii] Full cover if using FXBC outbound SMTP service, limited cover for other providers eg. Office 365, or ISP email
[iii] Outbound SMTP is only to be used for legitimate purposes and is subject to our Acceptable Use Policy