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Sunshine Coast Printers Watermarks

Looking for a way to tag your documents as a draft or label it as confidential, then watermarks may be the answer for you. A watermark is an image printed in the background of a copied or printed page or pages. You can also use watermarks to put a version number or a date on a document. There are several predefined watermarks you can use or you can create your own. The watermark is a handy feature on many of our Sunshine Coast printers and multifunction printers.

I like watermarks because it is a visual representation to let me know I am working, for instance, with a draft version of a document, this is very helpful for documents that are printed out multiple times for editing and revising. Watermarks can also be used to put your name on a document you created, that way no one can take credit for your work! Watermarks are a simple way to secure your confidential or intellectual property. The marks can be customized; you can choose the size, orientation, font and even color of the watermark to fit your needs.

Printing Notes:

Not all options listed are supported on all Sunshine Coast multi-function printers. Some options apply only to a specific inkjet printer model, configuration, operating system, or print driver type.
Watermarks are not supported for some print drivers when booklet is selected or when more than one page is printed on a sheet of paper