Sunshine Coast Printer Electrical Power Issues

Sunshine Coast Printer Electrical Power

The Xerox Sunshine Coast Printer and Multifunction Sunshine Coast Printer have not gone wireless in regards to electricity, and they can’t be run solely on batteries. They need consistent reliable power to work normally. We continue to get questions about odd behavior at power up, lockup or power cycling and some of these issues are caused by insufficient power (voltage) to the machine.

Some of the symptoms that may be related to electrical / power issues are the machine will not power on, the multi-function machine hangs during start-up, the control panel is locked up or not responding or the machine continues to turn itself off and back on. These are just a few of the symptoms that might be caused by electrical / power issues.

Let’s look at a few of the recommended steps to try to decide if power or a lack there of is causing the symptoms you are seeing. We will start from the easiest and work our way up.

Make sure the power switch or switches are in the on position. Some of our machines have two power switches and both switches should be checked.

Often when you have an issue with your machine a simple power off power on or POPO (pronounced Poe Poe like the poet Edgar Allen Poe), is all you need to clear an error. Power the machine off for 60 seconds and then turn the machine back on. Reboot could take up to 10 minutes depending on the machine. More…