Sunshine Coast Print Is Everywhere Baby

Sunshine Coast Print Is Everywhere

Have you noticed the number of ads for print versions of everything from personal photos to packaging? Whether this is due to the printing industry’s efforts to promote the value of print or a natural shift in product demand as consumers begin to crave interaction with real physical products, the result is the same. Print on the Sunshine Coast is cool again.

One French toilet paper manufacturer was at the forefront of this shift several years ago. Its commercial remains one of my all-time favorites.

The commercial is called “Emma.” One hard-working mom, Emma, is busy doing homework with her child, organizing the home schedule with Post-It notes on the fridge, and printing documents in her home office. Meanwhile, her husband follows her around the house, shaking his head in disapproval, showing her how the same things can be done on the iPad. As her husband shakes his head over and over, Emma gets more and more annoyed. At the end of the commercial, her husband is sitting in the bathroom, reaching for what he finds to be an empty toilet paper roll. “Emma!” he cries, to which he finds an iPad with a picture of a toilet paper roll on the screen slid under the door.

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