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An innovation that changes the world sets itself clearly apart from the rest.

Sunshine Coast Business Solutions pride themselves on being up with all the new innovations in Inkjet Technology for your Office. This keeps us at No 1 on the Sunshine Coast for the largest supplier of Production Printers for graphic communications.

Fujifilm Inkjet Technology is backed with the power of synergy and integration for development.

Our team of technicians are fully qualified to advise you on all aspects of this Fujifilm Inkjet Technology in regards to our Print & Multi-Function Devices and the Soho Copy and Print range.

Inkjet technology has the “power of innovation” that pioneers the future of various industries. Yet, not all of the manufacturers could generate this power easily. Holding the key is not a collection of “individual technologies” but the “power of integration” to coordinate them for overall system optimization. Fujifilm is one of a limited number of truly comprehensive manufacturers in the world that have both the “individual power” and “integration power” at the same time. The company has the strength of being able to develop printheads, inks and image processing systems within the Fujifilm Group, in addition to the ability to deliver stable distribution of advanced inkjet technology worldwide.

Contact the team at Sunshine Coast Business Solutions they will help you with any query you have. You can also contact them on the request for quote tab

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