Short-run Packaging for Sunshine Coast Printers

Sunshine Coast Printers

What picture do you see if packaging printing is mentioned?

For many people the mention of packaging print brings up visions of specialised carton presses and flexo printing. Traditionally, packaging print has been a viewed as a long-run process, best suited to specialised manufacturers, not the photocopier.

However, although there is still a place for this style of manufacture, the packaging world is changing.

Have you heard of the long tail model?

This theory was made popular by Chris Anderson who has written two books on the subject. In most sales situations, people follow the Pareto model. This argues that 80% of your business comes from 20% of your customers. However, Anderson argues that, in many situations, this weighting is changing. The future of many businesses is of selling less of more.

For instance, Amazon bases their business model on selling virtually anything that is available. If you want some incredibly obscure book, Amazon will offer it to you. They make more money from selling this choice rather than focusing on the most popular items, as traditional retailers do.

As more companies follow this line of thinking, companies are increasing their range of offerings. Special editions, re-releases and products aimed at a more niche audience are now commonplace. This is great news for the printing industry. Read More…