Set up your Sunshine Coast digital workplace

Sunshine Coast digital workplace

Smart Work Gateway makes the digital workplace even smarter. It equips you with the power and agility to connect, communicate, and collaborate.

Your Sunshine Coast Multifunction Device (MFD) becomes the central hub, orchestrating a highly productive workflow, empowering your team to achieve high performance and growth. With Smart Work Gateway, you can optimise your digital workplace by minimising human error and increasing speed and operational efficiency.

Connecting in an age of rapid digital advancement

Growing and managing a business in the digital age presents your team with challenges you’ve never faced before. Today’s workplaces are a web of hardware, software, cloud systems, servers, and platforms. Integration is a challenge, and trying to make digital workflows work across teams can result in mismanaged files or even confidential information exposed.

Business agility: Your secret weapon

Combining the Multi- Function Device (MFD) with various cloud and collaboration features enables you to optimise information management and raise employee engagement. Each component of the Smart Work Gateway gives you the power to adapt with the times and stay competitive.

Do more with less

Your business is only as good as how well your day-to-day operations go. Smart Work Gateway allows you to optimise resources, reduce operational costs, and improve bottom-line.