Secure Sunshine Coast Print to Protect Your Documents

Secure Sunshine Coast Print

Use secure print for your Sunshine Coast photocopier and you won’t lose a document again. Have you ever had a document walk away from the printer? Did it ever show up again at the printer hours later? Sometimes they never return, kind of like the socks that disappear in the dryer never to be seen again. This loss of a print job can be frustrating but it can also be a security risk if the document you printed has confidential or private information on it. You can keep the data secure by sending it to your Xerox Printer but not have it print out until you are at the printer to pick it up. This is where the secure print feature comes into play.

Secure Print works by allowing you to assign a password / PIN (Personal Identification Number) to the document when you send it to the printer. The document will not print until you walk up to the printer and release the document to print using the password / PIN you assigned. The secure print feature is activated in the driver when you send the job to print. I have included a sample driver screenshot here but as always models and drivers differ so your screen may look a little different. To get more information please go to the support page and enter your model number and then search on “Secure Print” to see if the feature is available and if so, how to use the feature. The secure print features works on Windows and some Mac drivers.

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