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Print Sunshine Coast Security Business Holes

Security breaches can be complex, far-reaching, and have a major and long-lasting impact on your business. It’s critical to be proactive. Don’t wait until you have a security breach to beef up your prevention and protection! Businesses on connected systems. Technology Support Program

Growing businesses are not only responsible for safeguarding their own data but are now responsible for protecting the information of potential and current clients. With National Cyber Security Month just passing, here are a few tips to help close some security holes in your small business:

Employee Training

One of the biggest security holes and major causes of data breaches within small businesses is employees. With absolutely no bad intentions, employees are simply unaware of how best to store and protect your company’s data in the most secure way.

While educating employees on good cybersecurity practices is nothing new, it’s vital to the security of your business that you educate your employees on things such as:

How to properly dispose of photocopy documents containing personally identifiable information.
Knowing how to recognize potential phishing emails or suspicious email attachments.
Creating strong passwords for their business accounts & printers.
Not accessing sensitive business data on personal devices.

Is technology evolving faster than your data security plan? Here’s how to protect yourself in a world of voice, IoT, AI, and more.

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