Print Security for Businesses | Sunshine Coast

Print Security for Businesses | Sunshine Coast

Securing Information

Every business understands the importance of confidential data. Now, imagine the consequences if your information were to fall into the wrong hands. A breach in document security could result in unauthorised disclosure of sensitive information and other unwanted outcomes.

This isn’t to mention the average organisational cost of a data breach, which the Ponemon Institute estimates to be around $2 million in Australia. Couple this with the fact that 70 percent of companies reported accidental data breaches through printing, and it’s easy to see why security is so important.

Nowadays, documents aren’t solely hard copy, but are commonly electronic for easy collaboration and communication within the business and with customers. Since employees create, distribute and capture these electronic documents differently than paper alternatives, information is at high risk of theft or loss.

Companies must be prepared by securing the information and document management systems that contain their most valuable asset – knowledge.

How can you keep your documents secure as well as ensure compliance to internal and external regulatory requirements?

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