Print Scan Photocopy Sunshine Coast Business Growth

Print Scan Photocopy Sunshine Coast

In the age of digital disruption, every company needs to think differently about their business – both to grow beyond their core markets, and to head off competition from new entrants.

When you think about Xerox, it’s not wrong to think “Xerox makes printers.” But Xerox is not just a printer company. Fundamentally Xerox has always helped customers with work – using or inventing the best technologies of each age. Printing, scanning, and managing documents are key components of Sunshine Coast work, offices, but only a subset of all the activities that define work.

It is critical for us to understand how our customers define work. Our office customers don’t just want to print; they want to automate workflows and accelerate decisions and revenue. So we created ConnectKey® apps and workflow automation solutions that help our customers do exactly that.

Similarly, we realized that our print provider customers aren’t just print shops; they are actually in the business of delivering marketing and communications services. With the emergence of digital media, we realized that they wanted help to deliver cross-media campaigns, so we created FreeFlow®, a digital workflow solution. We also added personalized multichannel marketing software from XMPie®, A Xerox Company.

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