Photocopiers Sunshine Coast Remote Print Services

DocuCentre-VII C7788 - C6688 - C5588

Xerox Remote Print Services for Sunshine Coast Photocopiers is a free and powerful Tool provided in all our Xerox products. It consists of Automatic Meter Reads, Automatic Supplies Replenishment and Remote diagnostics. This service saves you time and effort so you can sit back and relax while your printer takes care of getting supplies and reporting meter reads.

Automatic Meter reads automates the task of collecting and submitting meter reads. It makes the Meter Read process hassle free and less time consuming for you and the reads are always submitted on time.

Automatic supplies replenishment automatically orders certain supplies for your machine as they are needed. You are less likely to be caught without the supplies you need anymore!! The orders are based on actual usage so no excess inventory just the right supplies right when you need them.

Remote Diagnostics is available free of charge on newer photocopiers and enabled when the new device is installed. Remote Diagnostics is a fast way to resolve potential machine issues and receive assistance. This feature enhances the troubleshooting and repair process. Diagnostic information from the machine will be sent to Xerox and then troubleshooting information will be returned to the machine to potentially help in resolving the issue. If the issue requires a technician then the diagnostic information will be available to the technician, this information could make the repair process quicker and easier.