Photocopiers Sunshine Coast Memory Printers Security

Photocopiers Sunshine Coast Printers Security

Security is always a priority with Xerox. One thing to remember is that many of the Sunshine Coast Xerox printers and multifunction printers have memory that may contain your data during and after your job prints. There are a couple of ways to determine which types of memory your machine may have – Online Support and/or the following document. The document explains disk drives or other non-volatile memory. These resources help to explain ways to manage the memory to keep your information safe.

Product Security Data Protection: Image Overwrite, Encryption and Disk Removal

Not a catchy title but full of valuable information and instructions.

Copiers, printers and multifunction products

Xerox copiers, printers and multifunction products all contain some type of computer and software that allows them to perform all the tasks and run all the features available on the machine. The internal computers in these machines may have a disk drive or other kind of non-volatile storage. This memory is where the job image data is written during processing. The image may be temporarily written on this memory during processing. On some models jobs can be stored at the machine for later reprint. Xerox recognizes the potential risk of data being recovered from non-volatile storage and has built in features and countermeasures in our devices to help you protect your data.

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