Photocopiers Sunshine Coast: Better Choices

Photocopiers Sunshine Coast Choices

The Xerox Print Awareness Tool is a personal desktop interface that will help you and your co-workers improve your print and photocopier behavior. Each individual can have their own dashboard that will help you see your Sunshine Coast print / photocopier usage, compare your usage to goals and offer sustainability tips and suggestions on how to improve your print efficiency.

Should you use the tool? Consider using the Xerox Print Awareness Tool if you want to:

Make better printing choices
See how much you are saving each month on your personal desktop dashboard
Learn new methods to improve print efficiencies
Improve operational costs and productivity

Xerox Print Awareness Tool gives you real-time information on how your Sunshine Coast print / photocopier behavior will impact your company financially and how it will impact the environment. The tool uses gamification techniques to engage users and encourage users to change their printing behavior to support environmental sustainability efforts and cost cutting efforts. Results have shown that the tool can help you cut print volumes by 20% and increases duplex or two-sided printing by 60%. Money saving behavior and good for the environment too. Request a quote from the Sunshine Coast photocopier specialists.