Photocopier Fuji Xerox Sunshine Coast DocuSign eSignature

Fuji Xerox delivers enterprise workflow and business process automation solutions to help organisations innovate the way they work. Fuji Xerox Sunshine Coast likes keep up with customer growth and delivery of overall customer solutions. Accessing photocopiers for customers is always our priority, to keep up with technology especially for Print and Multi-Function Devices. By implementing DocuSign eSignature with PowerForms, Fuji Xerox Sunshine Coast had made the transition of these photocopiers, Print and Multi-Function Devices quicker.

Fuji Xerox Australia adds 100 to 150 qualified suppliers to its books every year. From assessing and onboarding suppliers to dealing with compliance and execution of contracts, everything was done manually. The procurement team needed a way to increase speed and accuracy throughout the contract management process. By using DocuSign eSignature with PowerForms, Fuji Xerox Australia’s procurement team has streamlined document execution for master services agreements, statements of work, ordering documents and supplier onboarding forms.

Need a printer or photocopier – contact Fuji Xerox Sunshine Coast via our enquiry form or call us on +61 7 5451 7333 for more information.

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