Managing IT Costs Copiers Construction Sunshine Coast

The Sunshine Coast construction industry and why it’s still copier reliant

The construction industry runs on precision, reliability and durability. Every project has multiple processes that must be executed with meticulous accuracy, be it building a simple foot bridge or designing a multi storey Sunshine Coast building. And traditionally, these processes have been completed using Sunshine Coast copiers, on paper because it can track highly technical details on site and is a useful medium for such a fragmented industry.

From managing engineering deliverables to examining architect drawings, the rigorous nature of the industry seems to necessitate high paper usage. Additionally, administrative documentation such as procurement and supply invoices mean that every project inevitably generates a tsunami of paper records to track a multitude of moving parts and suppliers.

But IT managers and CIOs in the construction industry are beginning to sit up and take notice of this growing paper problem: where exactly are my IT department’s mounting costs coming from, and what can I do to reduce expenses?

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