Improving efficiency and data security in SMB

Is your small business still dealing with filing cabinets full of folders and printouts? While some documents do need to be printed and stored, most can be digitised. Here are four ways digitising data helps you build a better business.

Save Time and Money with these four ways to digitise and help your business

  1. Save money. Digitising documents and storing them in the cloud helps cut costs. You’ll need less office space and you’ll spend less on paper and printer ink. Solutions like Smart Work Gateway help you use your cloud services more effectively.
  2. Save time. Storing and finding documents digitally is faster than having employees spend hours printing, sorting and filing. Just do a quick search in the cloud if you have an agreed standardised digital filing and naming system to make things even easier. Enjoy the benefits of cloud document management at an affordable rate.
  3. Enhance collaboration. You know how frustrating it is when you’re working on a project at home or on the road and your document is in the office. Access data anytime, anywhere or share it securely with your team, contractors or clients through Working Folder.
  4. Improve data security. Printed documents are vulnerable to prying eyes, loss or even theft. When information is stored in the cloud you can set security restrictions and you can use tools to print from your mobile devices. Explore our Smart Work Gateway print tools to print without compromising security.


Originally article published on the Xerox Blog with local modifications and thanks.

Source: Fuji Xerox Australia