Image Quality Issues Sunshine Coast Printing Copying

Sunshine Coast Printing Copying

Image quality issues can be caused by different things. Finding what may be causing the problem you first need to determine what process you are using when you see the issue. On your Sunshine Coast Printer or Photocopier, if the defect is only seen on copies that is a different issue than if you see the issue on prints.

So when you try to fix an image defect first ask yourself the following: Does it happen when you make a copy? Does it happen when you print? Now try to fix the issue. If the image quality issue only happens when you are making a copy then the problem may be with the glass that the original travels over to make the copy. Clean the scan glass on the photocopier if it is accessible.

If the image quality issue happens when you inkjet print then try printing an internal report from the machine like the settings or configuration report and see if the defect shows on the report. If the report is fine with no defect or error then the problem is with the original file or document. Try printing a different document from a different program. More…