Digitisation for Small and Medium Businesses Sunshine Coast

Digital Business Transformation Sunshine Coast
Digital Business Transformation

It seems that everywhere you look on the Sunshine Coast these days, people are talking about ‘digitisation’ (or ‘digital transformation’). But unlike many buzzwords we’ve seen come and go over the years, this one is driving real change.

Moving from paper to digital workflows has the potential to radically overhaul how organisations work internally and externally. They’ll be able to cut costs, operate more efficiently, provide better customer service – and even gain a competitive edge.

You might think that this all sounds like something only larger organizations with big IT departments should care about. But it’s not.

Documents are still central to at least 40% of business processes[1], regardless of the size of the organization. So digitization is something all SMBs should care about.

And they do, based on the results of our recent comprehensive international study, The State of SMB Document Management.

Digitisation and the Journey to Value

The good news is that SMBs are well on their way to digital transformation. They told us they want to digitize processes to reduce costs, grow the business, and make it easier to share documents. More…