Digital Printing Sunshine Coast Formula for Embellishment Success

Digital Printing

In a CMYK world, what stands out? Spot varnish, foil, raised printing, effects like glitter and other enhanced output – these are enhancements that make printed materials get noticed.

Sunshine Coast Marketers Love Embellishment. Now They’ll Pay for It.

Marketers love the enhanced output of mixed metallic and standalone embellishment, whether it’s gold, silver or clear ink, but they’ve been reluctant to pay for it – until now. Adoption of specialty enhancements is growing, as developments in printing technology make embellishments and enhancements possible for more applications. These looks are now more achievable from a quality standpoint, as well as from a business case perspective.

Increasingly, when marketers decide to print, they want something they can’t get through digital media alone, something special. Direct mail is experiencing a resurgence, as are catalogs, but part of the reason is the ability of digital printing technology to step up with a special look or feel.
First There’s the Wow Factor

Picture special touches like these:

An image that shines on an invitation
Texture that looks real to touch on a poster
Text that “pops” in a promotional sign

Now that’s putting wow in print. Every day we’re closer to stunning output for a wide range of applications:

Folding cartons
Marketing collateral
Business cards
Greeting cards
Wedding invitations
Book covers
Magazine covers
Gift boxes
Direct mail

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