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Queensland State Government chooses Fuji Xerox and Ricoh for the the Provision of Print and Imaging as-a-Service PlaaS

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Queensland State Government chooses Fuji Xerox and Ricoh for the the Provision of Print and Imaging as-a-Service PlaaS

All of Queensland State Government
Standing Offer Arrangement
for the Provision of Print and Imaging as-a-Service (PlaaS) – ICTSS.14.04


ICTSS.14.04 is a whole of government Standing Offer Arrangement (SOA) for the delivery of Print and Imaging as-a-Service (PlaaS). The SOA has a term of five (5) years commencing 17 November 2014 with an option of two (2) one year extensions.

The combined purchasing power of the Queensland Government has enabled the development of this SOA providing significant benefits and savings to Eligible Customers. In establishing this SOA, a competitive process was undertaken which resulted in the selection of CSG Enterprise Solutions (based in Brisbane), Fuji Xerox Australia and Ricoh Australia in accordance with the Queensland Procurement Policy. There is a noticeable exception of Toshiba and Canon who are no longer on the Government Contract.

This arrangement has been established to assist Government departments to move away from the acquisition, ownership and management of printing devices, to simply obtain a managed service.

What is Print and Imaging as-a-Service?

Print and Imaging as-a-Service (PlaaS) is an all-inclusive service including the provision of hardware and print management services without Customers having to own or lease any of the equipment or associated software.
PlaaS moves operational accountability and responsibility for the device fleet (including overall configuration, location, age of devices, timing of device replacement, etc.) to the Contractor with the objective being to:
· Lower the Schools total cost of ownership
· Maintain or improve end user satisfaction and productivity
· Reduce environmental impact
· Reduce energy consumption
· Enhance efficiency and support a mobile workforce
· Facilitate improved governance and compliance
Contact: Samantha Mackie – Government Solutions 0477 774 540 or

Attached is the PDF of the press release. Opens in a new window.

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